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Your block of business,
your decisions

With SFL, you’re your own boss. Your schedule, your clients and your business strategies, they’re completely up to you. Simply put, you get what you put in.

Flexibility and autonomy

SFL gives you access to more than 3,000 mutual funds* from some 80 fund companies and products from 20 or so insurance manufacturers, including those offered by our business partner Desjardins Insurance.**

A profitable partnership

With a partner like Desjardins Insurance,*** you can draw on the financial strength and solid reputation of a well-known financial institution. This will give you an edge among leading distributors in the Canadian financial services industry.1

At SFL, you can make a real difference in people’s lives.

You can help them grow and protect their assets so they can achieve their goals. As an SFL advisor, you’ll set up financial strategies that correspond to your clients’ needs, giving them a positive outlook on their future.

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Why choose SFL?

Start-up support

During the first year, SFL advisors receive a base salary. We also offer financial support to help them build their clientele.

Corporate culture

SFL has a recognition program; top performers are invited to meetings and annual conferences where they can celebrate their hard work and network.


We do everything we can to help our advisors get licensed so they can start building a successful career. We offer intensive training and webinars so they can continue to develop their entrepreneurial potential.


Our advisors have access to a graphic design service and more than 100 marketing tools, with no fees for personalized sales material. Advisors can build their own business strategies by using our ready-made campaigns and customized advisory services.

Multidisciplinary team

Our advisors have access to their SFL Financial Centre, plus additional resources to develop their skills. It’s a business model that offers freedom and flexibility.

Technological resources

Our advisors have everything they need to grow their business: the Kronos client management system, intranet site, newsletters, remote IT support, rentals, materials and more.

A look at our network

SFL Partner of Desjardins Financial Security is active in Quebec and New Brunswick. We operate under the name Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network in the rest of Canada.

The search is over. we can offer you the rewarding career in personal financial management you’re looking for!

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